CDP – Advanced 2


A unique evolutionary opportunity to unblock and expand yourself.

This 3-day weekend workshop will take place in the state of New York from October 17th – 19th, 2014.

This course’s primary focus is on strengthening the connection between the energosoma and mentalsoma. Advanced 2’s strong energetic field is established by an intensification of energies around an intraphysical epicenter, either Wagner Alegretti or Nanci Trivellato. The energetic field helps to temporarily fuse the physical and extraphysical dimensions, forming a condensation of the energetic or intermediary dimension. This fusion allows the extraphysical helpers to come closer to us, and us to them. The entire process of the Advanced 2 is supervised and maintained by extraphysical helpers primarily through the energosoma of the epicenter, with immanent (natural) energies also contributing. Para-technology is often perceived in the energetic field, and is also involved in the process.

During Advanced 2, helpers work towards the de-intrusion of the participants. The course constitutes a kind of group Penta (Personal ENergeticTAsk). It provokes a powerful energetic unblocking in the participants, and can trigger an expansion in their psychic perceptions. Another benefit can be improved mental functioning: the result of synaptic reorganization brought about by the energetic field itself and specialized extraphysical helpers.

Advanced 2 includes classes that explain the processes involved in the energetic field. It offers a chance to experience what we have studied in the earlier CDP modules. Registrants will be provided with instructions for how to take better advantage of the course.

To take CDP Advanced 2 you MUST have taken the Advanced 1, and completed the 4 modules of the CDP. There is plenty of time to complete these requirements. The advanced courses represent important steps towards greater self-knowledge, self-control and personal evolution.

Note: Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hotel rooms are going fast so please register with at least a partial payment soon to guarantee your spot. Participants from other cities and countries will be joining us for Advanced 2. Live translation will be provided to those who request it. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or would like more information.

Advanced 2 offers:
• Two sessions for close interactions with the energetic field;
• Close contact with the extraphysical helpers;
• At least one personal energization during the energetic field;
• Six modules of activities conducted by the epicenter;
• Discovering and understanding one’s personal energetic signals;
• Two afternoon meetings where the epicenter will answer participants’ questions (about their experiences and perceptions during the energetic field sessions, about projectiology and conscientiology in general, or about themselves).