CDP – Advanced 1

CDP Advanced 1:

Self-Knowledge is a deep, powerful weekend immersion course of intensive self-analysis that helps participants evaluate their current personal condition and promote the changes necessary to accomplish their existential program (life task). Benefits of taking Advanced 1 include:
Develop yourself on an integral level
• Identify and reprogram old habits
• Become aware of strong traits and how to apply them
• Become aware of weak traits and how to modify them
• Discover the direction of your existential program
• Enhance interaction with extraphysical helpers
• Discover factors that hinder your bioenergetic and projective development 

Advanced 1
takes place in a countryside hotel in upstate New York, where students have the whole weekend to reflect on themselves and their life without interference.  The atmosphere is highly conducive to seeing oneself more objectively and accurately than is normally possible in daily life.  The course combines a variety of activities including theoretical classes, group discussions, bioenergy exercises, and video screenings.  Participants leave the course with a newfound awareness and clarity about their strengths, shortcomings, and goals, and the internal changes that they need to make for a more rewarding existence.

Advanced 1 is an advanced, transformative program designed for people who have completed CDP4, are mature, and are ready to take the next step towards personal renewal.