Join us for the Consciousness Development Program (CDP), which received the Kindred Spirit Magazine’s Life Transformation Award!

CDP Classes

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CDP - Consciousness Development Program
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If you want to take a deep dive into topics such as out-of-body experience, bioenergy, and associated paranormal phenomena, then the CDP presents the most comprehensive, transformative body of information that you are likely to find anywhere.The Consciousness Development Programme (CDP) is IAC’s main curricular course and is delivered in four modules over forty hours. The course is designed to gradually introduce subjects such as energies, paranormal phenomena, the cycle of successive lives, and altered states of consciousness. It is interactive and students are encouraged to raise questions regarding subjects that interest them.

The CDP includes practical exercises using established methods to support students’ efforts to sense and master bioenergy (chi, prana), and guided attempts to provoke lucid out-of-body experiences (OBEs) using a variety of especially developed techniques. Participants can verify the ideas presented through their own experiences.

The CDP addresses topics related to everyday experience using tools that help students to deal pragmatically with the common challenges of daily life. It also allows individuals to expand their parapsychic awareness and develop their energetic defense and well-being. Note that no special aptitude is required to study OBEs. The benefits of this unique experience can be enjoyed by everyone.

Below is a basic outline of the topics covered in the Consciousness Development Program.
All classes, including the theoretical classes, have practical components.

Basis and Approach

The CDP is based on research and scientific theories developed over more than 40 years.  The IAC’s foundational model recognizes the existence of psychic abilities, energy, and non-physical components within our reality.  Consistent with that model, the IAC proposes a scientific yet participatory approach where knowledge about these topics is developed in-part through experiences.  This participatory approach inevitably catalyzes ones personal growth and the development of ones consciousness , which is one of the ultimate aims of the CDP.

Astral Projection Technique Classes

Consistent with the importance the IAC places on verification through experience, the CDP includes not just theoretical information, but practical classes too.  Special emphasis is given to the out-of-body experience (OBE) as a tool for personal growth, as it facilitates first-hand experience of the invisible non-physical world surrounding us. This in turn gives us a broader perspective for understanding not just paranormal phenomena, but ultimately the entire process of personal or conscious evolution.

Great emphasis is also placed on developing mastery with energy. Having energetic ability increases our perceptiveness, it helps develop our psychic abilities, and it allows us to have greater emotional balance, physical health, and mental clarity.  Please note, in order to give students plenty of opportunity to practice and give first-hand introduction to a variety of multi-dimensional phenomena, the CDP course will include 6 sessions aimed to induce lucid out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and 16 sessions to practice a variety of techniques to mobilize and control their energies.

Each of the four sessions lasts about two hours and is followed by a practical energy exercise with a break in between. The classes are very dynamic and are filled with examples and interesting anecdotes that make the time pass in an engaging and immersive manner.

For CDP2, CDP3 and CDP4, every second session in each module is an astral projection technique class. Theory classes include bioenergy and clairvoyance exercises, thus making the whole course experience varied and extremely enjoyable.


There are three types of scheduling for the CDP: weekends, weeknights, and accelerated.

Weekend CDP courses are on Saturday and Sunday, they may run from 10am to 3:30pm with a half-hour break around 12:30pm or from 1 to 6:30PM with a half-hour break around 3:30 PM. The complete CDP takes four weekends in this format.

Weeknights would run twice per week from 6:30pm to 9pm over a period of eight weeks.

Accelerated programs typically run for four days in a row, from 10AM to 10PM with two hours divided in breaks, one mid morning, one at lunch time, one mid afternoon. This way you would attend the whole CDP in four days.

Schedules can vary occasionally, so please contact us or check our event calendar to verify the hours of the CDP you are planning to attend.

Module 1

  • Basis of projectiology and conscientiology
  • Analysis of the non-physical bodies
  • Benefits of the OBEs & other psychic phenomena
  • Bioenergy & its different types
  • Qualities of individual & environmental energies
  • to develop extrasensory perception, energetic
  • self-control and healing
  • Preparation for the out-of-body experience
  • Factors that facilitate and inhibit projective ability
  • Levels of lucidity outside the body
  • Types of out-of-body experience
  • Analysis of extraphysical (astral) dimensions

10 hours (8 theoretical and 2 practical)

Module 2

  • Two practical OBE classes during this module
  • Five techniques to facilitate OBEs
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Paranormal phenomena
  • Parapsychic perceptions
  • Instructions and tips on how to provoke OBEs
  • Death or the process of discarding the body
  • Interaction with & identification of non-physical
  • beings (inside & outside the human body)
  • Advanced non-physical beings (extraphysical helpers/mentors)
  • Needy non-physical beings

10 hours (6 theoretical and 4 practical)

Module 3

  • Two practical OBEs classes during this module
  • Eight additional techniques to facilitate OOBEs
  • The mentalsoma and its role in evolution
  • Types of intelligence
  • Physical life & the application of the mentalsoma
  • The evolutionary process
  • Death and the mentalsoma
  • Types of evolutionary maturity
  • Cosmoethics and universalism
  • Mentalsoma projection technique

10 hours (6 theoretical and 4 practical)

Module 4

  • Two practical OBE classes during this module
  • Additional techniques to facilitate OBEs
  • Holokarma
  • Existential programme (life task or life plan)
  • Period between lives
  • Self-mimicry vs lucid life planning
  • Existential recycling and inversion
  • Evolutionary levels and the evolutionary duo
  • Homo sapiens serenissimus

10 hours (6 theoretical and 4 practical)




“…While I was practicing with the energy work during the class, I could actually perceive the energy flow and feel that my body was purified. In addition, I could understand and actually feel that my awareness expanded through the learning of how to produce and use the OBE. I also learned how to communicate with non-physical consciousnesses, and the way to heal physical and non-physical people who need assistance.”

– Student, Japan

“Just could not wait to tell you how much I enjoyed the seminar, it was such a profound experience. You left some very impressive memories of your speeches and thoughts with me, and I consider myself fortunate to have come across your path.”

– Student, Switzerland

“I found it quite amazing that using the simple energy techniques taught, such as the exteriorization and absorption of energy, I could feel such big change inside of me… After the course, I continued to practice the techniques I learned from the class, and it helped me to refresh my mind and body, and the state of relaxation is lasting.”

– Student, Japan