Where do I start?



If you are new, there are a few routes we recommend depending on your circumstances, as follows:

  • New to all of this and don’t know where to begin?  We recommend our free public introductory seminar.
  • Not new to studies in spirituality, consciousness, psychic phenomena, etc but like to learn more before taking a course or workshop?  We recommend our free public introductory seminar.
  • New to the academy’s work (may not be new to these topics) and would like to try out a course to begin with?  We would recommend that you try the bioenergy workout.  low-priced, practical and straightforward it gives a good introduction into energy work and IAC’s approach.
  • Interesting in subtle energy development and psychic phenomena but not sure about out-of-body experiences?  We recommend getting a better understanding of the less known by taking the Consciousness Development Course (CDP)